e-migrinter journal

e-Migrinter is an online scientific journal created in 2008 by the Migrinter laboratory team. This bi-annual journal publishes thematic dossiers focusing on the issue of mobility in the world. All-encompassing “living memory” of the laboratory’s scientific life, its objective is to provide an overview of current research activities through articles and briefs presenting seminars, vivas and recent publications.

As a laboratory journal, e-Migrinter mainly publishes dossiers about international migrations proposed by researchers and doctoral students who work or worked with the MRU (Mixed Research Unit) 7301 Migrinter.

Starting from issue n°13 (2015) onward, the journal is available on the online dissemination platform Revues.org. Earlier issues of the journal are available in PDF format below.

Translated by Lorène Carrodena


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