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(Biography and recent papers: 2006 -2016)

Hassen Boubakri

University of Sousse/Tunisia
Tel (GSM):   +21697496811; +21653496811

  1. Academic and pedagogical responsibilities
  • Professor of Geography, HDR (Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches: Degree giving access to supervise doctoral theses) / University of Sousse (Faculty of Arts and Humanities/Department of Geography).
  • Member of the National committee of geography (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research).
  • Member of the commission of PhD and HDR in geography at the University of Tunis and University of Sfax.
  • Tunisianreferentof the program « Erasmus Mundus Joint MasterDegree »(2015-2017)(www.mastermimplus.eu) led by a consortium of six Mediterranean Universities (University Cà Foscari & Autonomous University of Barcelona University Paul & Valerie Montpellier & University Sousse & University Moulay Ismail in Meknes & University of Strasbourg.
  • Head of the committee of Professional Master’s degree “DeGIT” (Development and Land Integrated Management)/University of Sousse (2010-2011).
  • Member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities/ University of Sousse ( 2011-2014 and 2014-2017).
  • Visiting Professor at the University Ça Foscari of Venice/Italy (2002-2014), the university of Nice Antipolis/France (2015), the University of Agha Khan/London/UK (2008) and the University of Poitiers/France (1999).


  1. Scientific responsibilities
  • Research Coordinator for Tunisia of MICIC programme (Migrants In Country In Crisis): “The effects of the Libyan crisis on migrants in Tunisia”. ICMPD. Vienna. (April-September 2016).
  • Scientific Coordinator for Tunisia (National Observatory of Youth) of the 2014-2017 research programme: « POWER2YOUTH. » (Freedom, dignity and justice: A comprehensive approach to the understanding of youth exclusion and the prospects for youth inclusion and overall changes in the South and East Mediterranean). In [THEME SSH.2013.4.1 -2]: « Facing transition in the South and East Mediterranean area: empowering the young generation. »European Commission/Seventh Framework Programme”. (power2youth.eu )
  • 2014-2016 and 2010-2012: Scientific co-adviser, with CNRS 2 French researchers (Pierre Noël Denieuil & Swanie POTOT), of two research programs:

–  2014-2016: “DéRCIT”    (Regional Development and International Cooperation in Tunisia)

– 2010-2012:  “MiCoDév” (New Migration, Globalization and Co Development »)

under a research agreement between the University of Sousse, on one hand, and on the other hand, two French bodies: IRD (Institute of Research for Development) and CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).

  • President of the Centre of Tunis for Migration and Asylum (CeTuMA). (Scientific NGO).
  • Member of the panel of experts engaged by the European Commission for the evaluation of research programs (FP7 and Fp6) in the field of migration.
  • Associate Researcher to the IRMC (Institut de Recherche sur le Maghreb Contemporain)/ French Embassy/ Tunis).
  • Associate Researcher to the UMR « Migrinter »/CNRS -University of Poitiers (France).
  • Scientific coordinator of the research program entitled « Maghreb and new international migration patterns: mobility and networks » (1999-2002).
  • Consultant for the Ministry of Social Affairs (Office of Tunisians Abroad /OTE), League of Arab States, UNHCR, ILO (International Labour Organization ) and UNESCO, for studies and reports on migration and development.


  1. Key Publications (2006-2016)


– Boubakri, Hassan & Pages-ElKaroui, Delphine. 2015. Editorial (Migration in North Africa and Middle East: the time of revolutions). In : Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales (REMI). N° 3-4/Vol 31. 2015. (p.p 7-15).

– Boubakri, Hassan. 2015. Migration and Asylum in Tunisia since 2011 : towards new migratory figures? (Migration et asile en Tunisie depuis 2011 : vers de nouvelles figures migratoires ?). In Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales (REMI). N° 3-4/Vol 31. 2015. (p.p 17-37).


– Boubakri, Hassen &SIMON Gildas, 2015: Note Tunisie (Note on Tunisia) (9 pages).

      In : Dictionnaire des migrations internationales. Approche géohistorique (Dictionary of international migration. Geohistorical approach). 816 p.

– Boubakri, Hassan (with Khedija Mourad) 2015: Investments of Tunisian migrants abroad: Beyond the numbers, the real effects on the development of land regions (18p). In Daviet, Sylvie (Dir): Towards a trans-Mediterranean entrepreneurship? The internationalization strategies of Maghreban firms and Reinvestment of Maghreban migrants in Europe.

Editor: IRMC- Karthala. 2015.



–  Migrations in Tunisia after the revolution: Asylum management and international issues. Pp: 31-46. In «Confluences Méditerranée». N°87 – Autumn 2013. (Méditerranée : mare nostrum pour les migrants?) Paris. Editions de l’Harmattan.

– Boubakri, Hassan & Potot, Swanie: « Migration and revolution in Tunisia » In Tunisian Social Science Journal, No. 141.

Revolution and International migration in Tunisia. Migration Policy Centre (European University Institute /Florence) . MPC Research Report 2013/ 04. 34 pages.

Eng: http://www.migrationpolicycentre.eu/docs/MPC-RR-2013-04.pdf

Fr:   http://www.migrationpolicycentre.eu/docs/MPC-RR-2013-01.pdf



Boubakri , Hassan & Potot, Swanie . 2012. From citizen Momentum to the establishment of a migration policy in Tunisia: hosting of Libyan refugees in 2011. In Migration and Society Review. Volume 24, No. 143. Paris. September-October 2012. Pp. 121-137.


  1. 2011.

Boubakri, Hassan & MAZZELLA, Sylvie. 2011. “L’horizon transnational d’une famille tunisienne élargie » (The horizon of a broader transnational Tunisian family”. In Revue “Autrepart”: (“La famille transnationale dans tous ses états (The transnational family in all its forms) »: (Journal of South Social Sciences). No. 57-58. Year:2011. Paris. IRD Editions & Sciences Po Press. pp. 111-126.

– Boubakri, Hassan & Potot , Swanie . 2011. Exodus and migration in Tunisia: when civil society wakes up. In Médiapart Blog & Letter of IRMC No. 6. April-May 2011.

2011. Eextractos de las entrevistas a un visitante de prisiones y a dos refugiados marfilenos en Tunez. (2007) pp. 45-52

– Los migrantes subsaharianos en Tunez. Categorias de los flujos y perfiles de los migrantes. Pp 169-190. In : Busztos, Raphael ; Orozco Olivia & Witte, Lothar  (Coords):El Magreb y las migraciones subsaharianas: el papel de asociaciones y sindicatos. Edit. Casa Arabe. Madrid. 225p.

2011. Migration and development in Tunisia in CARIM.

Women and Migration in Tunisia. In CARIM. Executive summary and analysis. 2011/17. 16 p.



  1. 2010.

– 2010. Migration for decent work, economic growth and development: the case of Tunisia. International Migration Papers No. 102. ILO. Geneva. 78p.

(http://www.ilo.org/public/english/protection/migrant/download/imp/imp102f.pdf ).

(Coordinator). 2010. Exploratory study on « Migration and Local Development in Tunisia . » As applied to the areas of Kasserine and Mahdia . Ministry of Social Affairs, Solidarity and Tunisians Abroad (MASSTE) & International Organization for Migration (IOM). Draft. 174 p.

– Boubakri Hassan & M’barek Wafa. 2010. Places, actors and networks in the informal economy on Tunisian-Libyan border (16 pages). In BONTE, Pierre, and others: Rural Development, Environment and Territorial Issues: viewpoints on Oriental Morocco and Tunisian Eastern South. IRD & Ceres Edition. Tunis. 2010.

– Boubakri & Hassan Nouri, Habiba. 2010. « Migration, social transformations and reconstructions of territories in the Jeffara (South-East Tunisia)  » (24 pages). In BONTE, Pierre, and others: Rural Development, Environment and Territorial Issues: viewpoints on Oriental Morocco and South-East Tunisia. IRD & Ceres Edition. Tunis. 2010.

2010. « The management of irregular migration by the Tunisian State: regulatory mechanisms and relations with Europe  » (pp. 285-309 ). In: Berramdane, A. & Rossetto, J.  The European immigration policy. Karthala. 312 p.

– Boubakri, Hassen & Mmandhouj , Makrem. 2010. Moroccan students in Tunisia.  Choice of medical sectors and strategies of social reproduction. pp. 229-316. In Mazzella, Sylvie (Editor) : Student globalization. Maghreb between North and South. IRMC – Editions Karthala . 2009. 401p.


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– 2006. « Maghrebean families living in Europe: between identity constraints and necessary integration ».  In symposium:  » The woman and the law »/Faculty of Arts and Humanities/ University of Sousse. November 2006. 20 pages.

2006. « Maghreb and transit migration: the catch?”. In Migration and Society Review . N°107. September-October 2006. 20p.

–  2006. « The other side of the Jeffara (South- East of Tunisia): Cross-border mobility, international migration and territorial dynamics  » (25 p.). In: D. Genin , William H., Ouessar M., A. Ouled Belgacem , B. Romagny , Sghaier M., Taamallah H « : Between Desertification and Development: Tunisian Jeffara» Editor: Ceres & IRD Editions. Tunis & Paris.

–  2006. « Family Migration and Social Change in South -East of Tunisia. » In Workshop: « Family and Migration: Challenges and Opportunities »/ “Circles of population and reproductive health « / Annual Seminar organized by the National Office of Families and Population. Tunis, 2006.

–  2006. « Migration remittances, macro -economic balances and regional development in Tunisia » (pp.95-113). In MUSETTE Mohamed Saib ( Eds ): « Maghreban citizens in international migration ». Editor: Centre for Research in Applied Economics for Development (CREAD). Volume2.  Collection « Reflections of the social economy ».  Algiers. 2006. 249p .

–  2006. “La Tunisia nel contesto euro-maghrebino. Controllo dei movimenti migratri e diritti dei migrante” (pp 43-64).  In : CUTTITTA, Paolo & VASSALLO PALEOLOGO, Fulvio (a cura di) : Migrazioni, frontiere, Diritti. Edizione Scientifiche Italiane. Napoli. 2006.


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